Song Writing and Script Writing


NMTA offers a special, Creative Songwriting Course,

where our students will be able to work on a composing their own songs in different music genres:

classical, stage modern, jazz and on a later, more advanced level, in cross-over style-combination between classical, jazz and modern.

The Creative Songwriting Course contains the following subjects:

1. Classical Music Theory
2. Solfeggio
3. Improvisation
4. Classical, pop, modern music analysis
5. Different song styles/imitation
6. Different song singing/imitation
7. Classical music history; rock and pop music history, including study of well-known rock groups and their styles
8. Piano: jazz and classical improvisation
9. Singing with classical piano accompaniment and electro-acoustic backing

Song Writing

The Creative Songwriting Course is taught in small, exclusively chosen  groups of children.

NMTA offers students the option of individual lessons to supplement their group tuition.

Foundation (Beginners) Course Groups 

A.  5-7  years old 

- 1.5 hours group tuition (£50) per week (2 x 45 min lessons)

B.  8-10 years old

- 2 hours group tuition (£65) per week (2 x 60 min lessons)

Individual  – 1 lesson per week (£45) x 45 min.

Vocational(Professional) Course groups age:

A. 8-10 years old

B.11-13  years old

C.14-16 years old

D.17-20 years old

Vocational Course timing 

Individual – 1-2 lessons x 60 min. per week (£60-£120 p/w)

Group – 1 lesson per week (£65) x 120


This is a course where NMTA’s students try to discover the talent of a story creator and lyricist.

Learn how to express a freshly created story in a form of a Theatre play script.

Creative Script and song lyrics Writing Workshop contains the following subjects:

1. Story line Development.
2. Main Theme Development. 
3. Development of the Story Strategy
4. Grammar Improvement ( English, French, Russian Languages)
5. World literature 
6. English literature 
7. Russian literature 
8. History of Theatre 
9. Shakespeare
10. La Fontaine  

Creative script writing taught by professional writers in English,Russian and French languages.

At the end of the each year, the best script writers from the course will be giving a chance to win a Main Creative Script Award.

The best Script will be taken to be staged for the new Musical Production.

Script Writing

Foundation (Beginners) Workshop age and timing

A. 5-7 years old

B. 8-10 years old

Individually -1 lesson x 45 min.per week

In Groups – 1 lesson x 75 min. per week.

( up to 10 kids a group)

Vocational (Professional) Workshop groups age and timing :

A. 8-10 years old

B.11-13 years old

C.14-16 years old

D.17-20 years old

Vocational Course timing

Individual -2 lessons x 45 min.per week

In Group -1 lesson x 120 min.per week.

(up to 7 students a group)


Studio with concert size piano and live piano accompaniment available during each session.

Sound engineer available during each session.

About the Studio Recording

Professional studio recordings are an excellent way for students to learn about performance.

Such a recording opportunity for students usually giving to the adult, University level students and existing only at the Higher Music Institutions of the UK.

NMTA 2016 Achievements

CD Recording of Musical “Alice in Wonderland” by Nika Shirocorad. (Copyright under the MU(UK) protection)

The Educational Use of Professional Live Studio Recordings from age 5 onwards belongs to the NMTA teaching method, authorized by the MU(UK)

Studio Recording
Studio Recording
Studio Recording

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